The Journey Begins

Recently, we have been posting photos and clips of our adventures on Instagram and Facebook, but there are never enough characters or spaces to show you what has really been going on! Some of our family & friends have been asking us to start a blog to show in more detail what we have been up to and how we have arrived at our new destination, Ventnor, on the beautiful Isle of Wight………..

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter”      Izaak Walton


Our journey started 6 years ago when we first met and became good friends. Since then our friendship has gone from strength to strength and finally we both realised we had feelings for each other. We will have been together 2 years this summer and are loving life.

Over the next few blog posts we will attempt to show you how we have ended up renovating a grade II listed house, 5 minutes from the sea, fondly known as ‘our pile of rubble’.

We started with a very small project redesigning the back of the shorter one of “Two Women and a Pile of Rubble” house, which included the kitchen and creating a large open plan living space. This mini pile of rubble involved taking down the back of the house, building an infill extension and creating a kitchen and living space within a 1980’s 4 bed property. The taller one of “Two Women and a pile of Rubble” designed the kitchen area, and a mural with a waterfall and forest.


During our big build, we decided to move in together. Why not, we had no kitchen or running water in the downstairs of the property, and had to wash up in the bath. Looking back almost two years into our adventures, this seems like a minor inconvenience.



This little project only took us four months to complete, and ignited a flame in “Two Women and a Pile of Rubble” we just had to work out how to make it all work.


Life has a very strange way of giving you opportunities when you least expect it. Due to circumstances beyond our control, including death and divorce, we were able to make some new life choices. We quickly realised that living in a suburbian property, as lovely as it was, was never going to generate an income and make us a living and so it was then that we put our thinking caps on.

We both love The Isle of Wight. The shorter  “Two Women and a pile of Rubble” grew up in Cowes, and left the Isle of Wight after 6th form. The taller “Two Women of a pile of Rubble” visited her aunty based in Ventnor a couple of times a year during her childhood, and continued travelling over with her own children throughout adult life. When we first got together the Isle of wight provided a welcome distraction from a particularly stressful point in our life and soon became our place to relax and unwind. We both began to fall in love with the Island all over again and started to see the benefits of living there full time. Once we had both got that sorted in our heads, taller rubble had only just got settled living in our first mini pile of rubble, everything else started to fall into place.

We had our first solo overnight break together a few months after we got together in Steephill Cove, and we both fell in love with this beautiful part of The Isle of Wight.


And so began our search for our own little piece of paradise……………….



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